EM HodgeBorn and raised in Cincinnati, OH, by a single mother in a housing project.  My desire was always to be a writer from the instant I learned how to read.  Publishing my first poem in a school journal, winning a high school contest, small regional contests, ever present aspects of my life.

Immediately upon graduation from high school, I ran off to the Navy. The Navy proved to be a place where not asking or telling didn’t fit well, so after a few meritorious promotions, I was honorably discharged, although labeled “homosexual”. Forced out, had to return home.

Working three jobs, I put myself through University of Cincinnati gaining a B.A. In Philosophy and Women’s Studies.  With such a marketable degree, I went to work in accounting.

After a couple years in accounting, I returned to University of Cincinnati and received a graduate assistantship in Philosophy, earning first an M.A., then a PhD. During that time, I wrote and presented papers in ethics, social justice, and philosophy of mind.

After a few short stints teaching in Vermont and in St.Louis, MO., I ended up with a tenure track job at a small college in California. While working toward tenure, I decided upon another doctorate in Education, focusing on liberation and pedagogy.

However, a few years ago, while training for a triathlon, I was hit by a car and nearly lost my life. The injuries were severe enough that I had to give up by job and take early (very early) retirement/disability. In truth, this proved a to be a gift, for from that moment on, I focused my attention fully on my passion for writing.