An exceptional, emotional, exciting book of poetry. If you love women you cannot help but engage with the passion and fall in love with the words....

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What people say:

  • “To say the poems found in this collection were extraordinary is putting it mildly. This isn’t your dreamy walk on the beach holding hands or gazing longingly into a lover’s eyes all done in rhyme. Here, a single word has the power to speak in volumes and send you on a journey into the uncertainties and the joys of connecting through love.”

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  • “Whether you normally read poetry or not is irrelevant. This is a book for lovers, for dreamers, and most of all, for women who love women. Read it to lighten your own darkness with hope or to woo a new love with passion. Share it with your partner in bed every night. Speak it out loud and revel in the glory of a perfectly expressed emotion.”

    The Lesbian Reading Room

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